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Pleasant stay in the Sahara

Need a residential or tourist accommodation in Tarfaya? Looking for an apartment for rent in Tarfaya?

The Hoteliere Canalina offers a high-level apartments choice, quiet, secure with quality services to make your stay in Tarfaya pleasant and memorable.
Our tourist accommodation offers varied Tarfaya includes several apartments in different sizes for up to 4 people in one apartment while preserving the quiet in the residence. Our apartments have kitchens, bedrooms, living room and airy bathrooms, sunny and well equipped with modern furniture, with broadband Internet either by WiFi or wall cord.

The residence is guarded throughout the day and night and includes the necessary safety equipment.

You can enjoy a splendid view of the sea, the desert and the city of Tarfaya in part bays or terrace also for hosting parties or galas.

Our coffee will seduce you with its wonderful setting and invaluable quiet with a professional staff.

You’ll appreciate the peace and quiet of our home and the availability of our staff to help you or direct you.


Video tour

Canalina Tour

A quick tour of the residence Canalina Tarfaya: location, apartments, cafe and restaurant. An overview presenting you our residence and its services and also a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Places to visit in Tarfaya

Important places and sites to visit in Tarfaya.


Casamar or home Sea was originally a trading post built on the coast of Tarfaya by a Mckenzie English navigator in 1882 as No Mans Land to conduct trade with the locals. It is a tourist attraction of great value.


Tarfaya was in the 20s of last century a stopover of an airline to transport mail. A. de Saint-Exupéry was station master and settled between 1927 and 1929 in Tarfaya where he could draw and write some of his famous books including “The Little Prince” and “Courrier Sud”.


Khenifiss Lagoon or Lagoon Naila, is a natural and organic place that has tremendous ecotourism potential, it is between Tan Tan and Tarfaya over an area of 714 sq mi bounded on 26 September 2006.
This lagoon is a natural reserve gathering of migratory bird species and rare animals.


On 29 July 1916, following an agreement between the Spanish Empire and the French colonial empire, Cape Juby (including Tarfaya Villa Bens and now) is attached to the Spanish Sahara and administered by the administrator Francisco Bens.
In 1958, Tarfaya and Cap Juby are permanently attached to Morocco by the war of Ifni. You can see the remains of the Spanish buildings nowadays.


Golden dunes desert seduce you with their size and their finesse. You will not miss the urge to climb and a play! It’s a feeling of freedom and joy you feel.


One of the wonders of nature between Akhfenir and Tarfaya. Caused by erosion of the waves of the sea, this big hole is sure to amaze you.